Welcome to Your All White Online Store – Whitelip.se – your premier digital retailer of nicotine pouches, also known as all white. Now with shipping to the US and EU. Explore the latest trends in the exciting nicotine industry with regular updates to our extensive range. At Whitelip.se we offer a wide selection of nicotine pouches in different price ranges, strengths, flavors, formats and pack sizes, including 1-pack, 5-pack and 10-pack.

Make your choice from a variety of leading brands such as VELO, XQS, PABLO, KILLA, KURWA, LUNDGRENS, ZYN, VOLT, XR, SIBERIA and many more. With us, you will find products that meet all preferences and needs with delivery across the globe.

Strive for the ultimate nicotine experience by exploring our digital range and finding the optimal nicotine pouch for you. Whitelip.se aims to create a superior experience for all nicotine enthusiasts by providing high quality products from the most trusted brands to the United States and Europe. Make your next nicotine purchase a seamless and satisfying experience with Whitelip.se! Optimal enjoyment, convenience and quality are waiting for you.

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Nicotine pouches - Tobacco-free white snus

Nicotine pouches are a category of white, tobacco-free snus products – pouches that do not contain tobacco but do contain nicotine. These are also known as All white snus, nicotine snus, and white snus. With us you can explore an extensive collection of tobacco-free nicotine pouches from producers like Swedish Match, including popular brands like ZYN, SWAVE, VOLT and XR, British American Tobacco with brands like VELO and LUNDGRENS, as well as the producers behind CUBA, RABBIT, KURWA and many more with shipping to the United States and Europe.

Discover the full range of these innovative products and choose the one that best suits your taste and nicotine preference. With our wide range, we aim to meet the needs of everyone looking for tobacco-free alternatives with high-quality nicotine pouches. Make your choice with Your All White Online Store – Whitelip.se and enjoy a smooth and satisfying nicotine experience.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches, also known as snus without tobacco, are a popular option for those who want to experience nicotine without using traditional tobacco snuff or cigarettes. These pouches are usually made up of a mixture of nicotine, plant fiber and flavorings, providing a convenient and discreet use. The milder option compared to traditional tobacco snuff is due to the absence of tobacco leaves, which eliminates the risks of tobacco-related diseases and reduces exposure to harmful substances.

Nicotine pouches thus offer a smoother and cleaner nicotine experience without the drawbacks of smoking, while allowing users to enjoy a variety of flavors and strengths. By choosing nicotine pouches, users can avoid the strong smell and staining effects of tobacco, while maintaining the satisfying nicotine experience. This makes them an attractive option for those looking for a more discreet and healthier nicotine product. Explore our range of nicotine pouches to experience a modern and gentle form of nicotine consumption.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Your All White Online Store - Whitelip.se offers nicotine pouches in all price ranges from 20$ / roll to 53$ / roll.

We ship all over Europe and most states in the US. Please refer to our in-depth FAQ for a more detailed list.

The minimum age for purchasing our products is 18 years or older. Depending on what state you live in, the age varies. No exceptions will be made. Adult signature is required to collect your package.

MIX & MATCH is a solution for those who want to try different varieties in our range. With MIX & MATCH you can build your own roll of five or 10 with different varieties. The cost is the same as a roll of 5 or 10 cans.

The storage of each product differs when it comes to nicotine pouches, but generally they taste best when refrigerated. Unopened packs should always be stored in a refrigerator to keep them fresher for longer, but this is not a requirement for all white nicotine pouches.

Delivery may vary depending on the product you have ordered and the delivery method you have chosen, but usually delivery is between 1-3 working days. The delivery time can also be affected if your product is out of stock, in which case we will contact you by e-mail, usually within 7 working days. If you have chosen Delivery to your mailbox and you are not at home at the time of delivery, your order will be sent to the nearest postal agent or left outside your door, in accordance with PostNord 's delivery terms. Read more about our shipping policy here.

Orders placed before 14:00 will be finalized and delivered to UPS, DHL or FedEx the same day, provided we have all products in stock. Does not apply to high pressure events such as paydays and new launches.

Fast delivery to mailbox/door: 1-2 working days

Pick up from agent: 1-3 working days

Pick up in parcel box: 1-3 working days


With our shipping partners, you are always promised fast and secure shipping with several options at checkout to choose from.


We at Whitelip.se have one of Europe’s largest selection of nicotine pouches, from the biggest brands to the smallest.


We are constantly working on our prices so that you, our customers, can get our products easily and at a reasonable price.


At Whitelip.se you can easily buy nicotine pouches, also called all white, from the largest selection in Europe. We have nicotine pouches from small foreign producers such as CUBA, CAMO and RaBBiT to Sweden’s largest such as VELO, ZYN and LOOP. Because of our wide range, we offer a feature where you can mix your own roll so that you as a customer can find your favorite nicotine pouch! With our delivery partners, you can choose between home delivery or pickup point, it’s simply up to you which shipping option suits you best. If you need help with anything or if you are missing a product from our range, please feel free to contact us at kontakt@whitelip.se or click here and we will help you!

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